Links for the December 2016 newsletter

By Mike Miller

Dec 01

links 12-16

  • Board Member Ron Drummond draws on his background in hospital billing and shares a process he uses for getting a better price on his health care. Also read this month’s Member Spotlight for more information about Ron and his wife, Lynn. Ron also explains why the Drummonds joined Samaritan.
  • Rob Slane reflects on similarities he sees between Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president and the referendum in Britain to leave the European Union. He says in both countries there has been an attempt to usher in a “Kingdom of Love” without depending on God.
  • Dr. David Brownstein’s book, The Statin Disaster, is reviewed on page 6. He cites evidence that statin medications are a failure at treating heart disease and are associated with a host of dangerous conditions. He also explains how he has successfully treated heart disease with nutritional and hormone therapies.
  • Health care expert Devon Herrick explains why health care costs a lot more than it should. He shows how the industry uses government regulation to deny patients money-saving health care options.
  • The Doorpost points to how verses 11 and 12 work together in Matthew 7.