Interested in starting a health care clinic? Mark Schlatter can help

Brittany Klaus  ·  Dec 20, 2019

Just as he is passionate and excited about using health care as mission outreach, Mark Schlatter of Christian Community Health Care near Fort Wayne, Indiana, is passionate about helping other churches that are seriously considering starting their own local clinic.

CCHC, which offers basic, free medical care at its location in Grabill, Indiana, has helped other organizations get their own free clinics started and has been approached by churches wanting to start CCHC satellite locations.

He suggests:

  • Get together with others who share this interest and pray about it, seeking the Lord’s guidance.
  • Ask people to volunteer. “I think you’d be surprised how many people will come out of the shadows and would want to be involved in the ministry, especially being able to use their talents for the Lord,” Mark says. “There are a lot of doctors out there who are just really hungry for that opportunity.”

There are also resources available to help keep costs low for anything from medical liability to pharmaceutical drugs to equipment.

“Many times, you will be able to start a clinic like that on a shoestring budget by asking a church to provide the facility for it, so you wouldn’t necessarily have to rent or purchase a building to start the clinic. You can start off small like that,” Mark says.

He adds that he would be very happy to talk with anyone who is interested in starting a free clinic and would even be willing to travel to help start a project for those who are seriously interested.

For more information, you can send an email to the clinic; call 260-627-2242, ext. 7; or join the CCHC email contact list.


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