How to help someone get Up and Running Again

MIchael Miller  ·  Feb 27, 2018

Whether you’d like to get your own Up and Running Again program going to help out residents of a local rescue mission, or help a program with its expenses, here’s how:

To start your own, you need to find a rescue shelter with a long-term residential program, suggests Steve Tierney, Up and Running Again founder. That not only helps with the stability of getting up for 6 a.m. runs four mornings a week, but it also works with the 14-week length of training. Then contact Up and Running Again at and let them know you’re thinking of starting a local program. You may want to line up a couple of friends to help with the “coaching” through the program.

Sponsorship: You can also help Up and Running Again through individual and corporate sponsorship opportunities at You can even tailor your donation to runners’ specific needs, whether it’s a case of bottled water ($10), a pair of shoes ($100), a running shirt ($20), or the entry fee to a runner’s first half-marathon ($100). Sponsoring a runner is $200 and a team is $2,000.