Here’s how God has provided through you! Stories from our Facebook Group

By Samaritan members  ·  Feb 23, 2021

We are blessed regularly with notes of encouragement in our Samaritan Ministries Community Facebook Group. Members also share information, suggestions, and prayer requests. The following are stories that were posted in the Facebook group of how God has provided through you. Praise Him as you read on! 

Dean and Karen K. of Montana:

Dean and Karen of Montana

Dear Samaritan Ministries and Samaritan Members,
Words cannot express how thankful I am for the assistance we have received for my wife’s ongoing 13-month battle with stage 4 lung cancer. After payments of $18,000 and $15,000 dollars for Karen’s drug treatment for the first few months, which you shared, I cannot believe the blessings and the prayers we have received from you and the members of Samaritan Ministries. God does answer prayer through you, my friends. He is still in control. He is still on the throne and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is our hope and He is our healer!
Because of these blessings we have done everything in our power to get discounts for the drugs and the treatments. Today we are getting a 40 percent discount from the cancer center in our hometown and our medicine for Karen’s treatment is free until next year.  We can pass those savings on to other members who are struggling with health care needs.
We believe God has protected our finances by leading us away from our insurance company to Samaritan. Our health insurance went up twofold in price with super high deductibles which we could no longer afford. We did not know that after having Samaritan for a while my wife would be diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Without our fellow Samaritan members, we would be literally out living on the streets right now and who knows if we would be able to get what Karen needed for treatment. I thank God for you every day. I stand amazed! If you are struggling with sickness or emotional heartache today, I just want to encourage you by saying there is always hope. Hang in there.
In Christ’s love, Dean and Karen

From Amy M. of Kansas:

Amy M. of Kansas and her family

We are SO thankful for Samaritan Ministries! Hoping 2021 is full of sharing, and not needing. But, thankful that when we had great need, we were helped financially ... and in prayer. There is nothing like getting notes and prayers from strangers when you are walking through a dark medical trial.
I was in a wheelchair last Christmas (2019), and the doctors had basically told me to get my things in order and expect my body to deteriorate more. I was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome, “the Suicide Disease.” Because I am a Samaritan member (and not with a marketplace health insurance plan), I was able to look into a more holistic care plan.
I actually found one clinic in the United States that treats with intent to obtain remission, and I had success. I have a long road ahead, but I’m walking again and enjoying a life that last year I never thought I’d have a chance to lead. Perspective is everything. We are so blessed ... and so thankful for your ministry.

From Johnna F. of Kansas:

When we joined Samaritan 2½ years ago, we hadn’t had a medical issue or claim for several years on our health insurance. However, since we joined, we’ve had one Need after another from rabies exposure to bacterial infection to broken bones. We welcomed our newest family member in December and, last night, our 11-year-old fractured 2 bones in her arm. We are getting pretty good about finding the best ways to reduce our costs, including getting X-rays at the chiropractor (only $50), rejecting the sling last night (in the ER) as we knew we had one at home, and asking for same day pay discounts. At first, I was nervous every time we needed to see a doctor, but now, I love knowing our fellow believers have our back and we can focus on healing and not worry about the financial portion. Thanks to all who have shared in our Needs, and we know eventually we can return the gifts to other members. 

From Diana B. of Florida:

When we switched from medical insurance to Samaritan Ministries in July, we never thought we would have to use it in October. We weren’t sure how it would work with a Need.
It’s one thing when an insurance company takes care of the negotiating, but when you have to do it, it’s quite an experience.
Then this month, when we began receiving checks and paying one bill after another, it hit: this really works.
People usually pay their medical premiums without thinking about where their money goes. We did. Now that we’re members of Samaritan, when we receive someone’s Share, there is a name and a note from different families in different parts of the USA! Then one bill after another is paid off. We still have 3 to go but wanted to share how different and loved we feel instead of just being a number.

Praise God for His mighty provision!

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