Family life for the Hogans

Mike Miller  ·  Jan 01, 2015

Family and relationships among family members is of high priority for Chris and Anne Hogan, who have 11 children with another on the way.

Even before they were married, Chris and Anne wanted their home to be a center of ministry. It took about 10 years for that vision to work out practically, but it has become a learning center, worship center, health center, place of hospitality, and a productivity center.

The Hogans have added three bedrooms to what was originally a two-bedroom home in Springfield, Illinois. But they have also added a cabin and cottage in their backyard.

“We have lots of guests come by, like the Duggars,” Chris says, referring to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who with their 19 children star in the TLC series 19 Kids and Counting. “We have families who come in for ministry here.”