Direct Primary Care: Dr. Eric Potter

By Michael Miller  ·  Apr 30, 2015

We asked three Direct Primary Care doctors, who are also Samaritan Ministries members, to tell us about their practices and how they benefit patients. Here Dr. Eric Potter tells us about his practice, Sanctuary Functional Medicine. We also included Dr. Potter’s comments in the article “Member doctors adopt new model for primary care” in our May 2015 Samaritan Ministries Christian Health Care Newsletter.

How is your practice different than a typical one?

From the ground up, Sanctuary is designed to glorify God and to care for the patient rather than caring for the arbitrary regulations of traditional insurance companies. House calls, simplicity and relationship then provide fertile ground for trust.

What are some of the advantages to your practice that patients most appreciate?

Personalized care of the whole person made in God’s image delivered in longer visits combined with easy access to my care through phone and email.

With these longer visits and other interactions I can also integrate the best of natural remedies with the best of conventional medicine while educating patients on how to care for their own health.

What are some of the problems with regulation of health care that you are able to avoid?

By opting out of Medicare and Medicaid, I don’t spend my time attempting to comply with confusing and burdensome programs. I am then free to guide care based on what is best for the patient rather than what bureaucrats say should be done. Less time arguing with bureaucrats means more time with patients.

Could you elaborate on the concept of covenantal medicine?

To shorten what I have written on my website: Covenantal medicine goes a step beyond a contract which is overseen by mere legal authorities. A covenant acknowledges God as my ultimate authority overseeing how I care for patients. When I practice medicine knowing that God is watching both my actions and my thoughts, I am far better at loving my patients as my neighbor.

Why did you join Samaritan Ministries?

Samaritan Ministries more closely matches a Biblical form of Christians caring for one another’s needs. It is simple Biblical obedience and trusting God’s provision.

What has your experience been with having a need?

We are submitting our first needs currently, one for my son’s special request concerning a pre-existing condition, and another for my wife’s pregnancy care. So far the submission part is far simpler that dealing with insurance company’s forms in the past.