'Child of Promise': author Debbi Migit talks about the children who joined their family

By Samaritan staff  ·  Oct 24, 2018

Adopting children is a beautiful picture of our own adoption into God’s family.

Debbi Migit is a Communications Specialist with Samaritan Ministries and an adoptive mother of three children. She shares what God has done in her life in her book Child of Promise: A True Story of Faith and Family.

How does your story begin?

After 10 years of infertility, my husband, Phil, and I were just months from adopting a newborn. One day God clearly spoke to my heart that we were to cancel that adoption because He had a different plan. It didn’t make sense to me, but we both sensed God was asking us to trust Him. It was the most difficult decision of my life, but experience taught me that obedience is the only path to blessing. I never imagined the amazing adventures God had waiting on the other side of my “Yes.”

In my book, I describe how, one month later, God answered my pleas with a promise that would change everything:

“Father, I’m almost out of hope. Please, tell me, when will we have the child You’ve promised?”

Second Kings 4:16.”

My sobs quieted as I heard the whisper repeat in my heart. “Second Kings 4:16.” … Slowly reaching toward the nightstand, I gathered up my Bible. The scripture was unfamiliar to me, but I ruffled the pages and quickly found it.

“Then He said, about this time next year you will embrace a son. And she said, ‘No, my lord, Man of God, do not lie to your maidservant!” (2 Kings 4:16, NKJV).

The tiny hairs stood up on my arms as I read the verse again and again.

“About this time next year, you will embrace a son.” My mind raced back to my earlier question, “When, God?” Apparently, I had my answer.

After that encounter I wrote down the date, trusting God that He would give me a son in one year. I tell the whole story in my book, but all these years later, I am still amazed at how God brought our first son, Alex, into our family!

How did God end up bringing your other children into your home?

There were 11 years (and many tears!) between Alex and our next son, Ethan. A few months before Ethan was born, we had another failed adoption when a birthmother changed her mind. I was devastated. Then, on December 6, 1999, I woke in the night and felt God lay these words on my heart: “Your time as a family of three is over; you are about to become a family of four.” I was mystified because we were not on any lists for adoption. The next morning my phone rang. One month later I held our newborn son, Ethan. The details of his adoption are also incredible.

The following year, God completed our family when He miraculously brought us our daughter, Katelynn.

I sensed that another baby was coming, so I began to prepare our home. Finally, I sat down in my living room and said outloud, “OK, God, I’m ready when You are.”

Providentially, five minutes later my phone rang, and within 48 hours I held our daughter, Katelynn. Praise be to Jesus for faithfully ordering our steps!

How did God care for you through disappointments?

Although I have had many wonderful years with my beautiful family, I still remember the sharp pain of infertility.

Every adoption is a miracle, no matter how it comes about, because it is such a beautiful picture of God’s love toward us.

At one point in our journey we were offered the opportunity to adopt newborn twins. I am a twin and there are eight sets in my family, so I was certain these were our babies. Friends and family immediately began to pray that God would have His will in this adoption. A few days later we were told that another Christian family had been chosen. As I cried out to God in my disappointment, I sensed Him saying that we had fulfilled our part in those children’s lives. We had a team of prayer warriors that were needed to bring about His plan, and He trusted us to mobilize them, and then accept the result without bitterness.

What did you learn through your adoption experiences?

I learned that not only can God part the Red Sea, He can part the red tape! I marvel at how God was at work in the background of our lives, organizing all the intricate details that brought about our three miracles.

What is one thing you want families considering adoption to know?

Be prepared for the process. Although our three children were miraculously given to us, we spent many years in heart preparation. There were hurts and disappointments along the way. I don’t know why some families are formed smoothly and others face such battles. I believe that God used miracles to bring our children to us because He wanted me to share our story and tell everyone—God’s heart is for adoption!

I consider those years of waiting and disappointment as part of my labor and delivery of our children. Some pregnancies are textbook and relatively easy, and others can be high-risk and complicated. The same can be true for adoption.

God doesn’t waste anything; even in the waiting, He is building strengths in us that will be needed in the future. And just as we trust God to build our family, we can trust Him to “keep” our family. God loves our children even more than we do, which is hard to imagine. As parents, we need to trust that God has their destiny in His loving hands.

Why did you write Child of Promise?

Ultimately, Child of Promise is for any believer who has ever asked the question, “When, God?” I especially want to encourage adoptive families that God is for them! He directed me to share His miracles, as well as His faithfulness in the struggles, so He could prove that point. I also want to speak to young people who may be considering the life and death decision of abortion. God has hand-picked families waiting to love these children. Each one truly is a child of promise.

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