Chalk it up to trust in God: member letter

By Samaritan member  ·  Aug 03, 2011

We struggled for years as a self-employed family to keep insurance premiums at a “do-able” rate. Each year as the premium skyrocketed, we would in turn increase our deductible to help manage the balance. We became aware of Samaritan Ministries in 2001 or 2002, but continued to play the juggling game with the insurance industry due to our lack of faith/trust in God’s provision through Samaritan. We finally arrived at an astronomic deductible and over $500 a month premium for a three person policy … and then the inevitable happened. We had a medical need that included tests, doctor visits, and even outpatient “surgery” treatment that totaled over $7K … all of which was “out of pocket” deductible. It took us three years to pay that off … with forgiveness of some debt by several of the parties. … We knew we couldn’t keep this up, so we took a leap of faith and joined Samaritan.

What PEACE! What JOY!!! First to experience the joy of sharing with a PERSON in need each month, to pray for them and put them in the hands of the Lord for strength, healing — physical, emotional and financial. … There are no words to express that pleasure, that joy! Then during the first year we were members, we experienced a need and it was ALL taken care of. And the strength, peace and healing from prayer!!!

This past year, our son was 1,200 miles from home on a missions trip when on their last evening at a thank you/farewell party he was injured while playing basketball. We felt confident and secure in knowing that all would be taken care of and that he was in the BEST of hands for care … the Lord’s. When the bills rolled in we continued to be in the best of care … the Lord’s and Samaritan Ministries. Every last cent was taken care of as most providers gave generous discounts to their rates and the rest was covered by our family at Samaritan. In fact, three times last year we ended up having a need … and each time … Samaritan was helpful and supportive, prayers were answered, providers were generous, and our Samaritan family came through. There is no greater joy than sharing with our brothers and sisters at Samaritan. There is no greater peace than knowing that God is answering their prayers, bringing healing and providing for our needs. Thank you Samaritan for the opportunity to come alongside our siblings in Christ and share in each other’s burdens.

I (Tracy) worked in health care for 10 years, from front desk through billing… I would recommend this over EVERY “insurance” product out there. [Health] “insurance” has no assurances, everything is written in such a way that there is no assurance at the bottom line. We just wish that we had trusted in His provisions sooner.

We praise God for Samaritan Ministries and pray that He would continue to bestow wisdom to you as you seek to grow the family and protect the opportunity to “carry one another’s burdens.” Blessings and peace to each of you in the support ministries of Samaritan.

We are your siblings in His service and love,

James and Tracy Snyder