Bluebook CareConnect™ works!

By by Samaritan members  ·  Nov 17, 2023

Samaritan MInistries members are able to take advantage of Bluebook CareConnect™, a service offered by Healthcare Bluebook™, to arrange quality medical service at fair prices.

Amy of Maryland

"Christy (of Healthcare Bluebook) was truly an amazing partner in the process. I felt cared for not just taken care of, all through the journey of finding a physician and eventual surgery. She was extremely attentive to every detail and highly professional and organized. Absolutely recommend!!"

Austin of Indiana

"Bluebook CareConnect™ found a great surgeon for us with our requirements at a high quality location. The payments were all taken care of and they assisted us with any questions we had. They made our experience go smoothly without any complications. We will definitely use them again if the need arises."

Travis of Texas

"I had to have a hernia repair and this was going to be my first time submitting a need and finding a hospital/surgeon since starting Samaritan membership. After finding most of my local providers rated as a higher cost by Healthcare Bluebook™, I wasn't sure where to turn next. So I reached out to the concierge service (Bluebook CareConnect) and worked with Tamra. She worked to get quotes for me from providers that were close by and worked out all the details of setting up the pre-op appointment. So instead of working through the process of paying the upfront cost, submitting needs to Samaritan and waiting for checks to come in, Healthcare Bluebook took care of all of that and all I had to do was work with the surgeon's office. They made a potentially very stressful situation so much better and Tamra was incredibly helpful through the whole process and even called to check up on me after the surgery. I really can't say enough about how great the experience was working with her and Healthcare Bluebook."

Samaritan Ministries members can access information about Healthcare Bluebook on their Dashboard.