Anxiety, waiting, and the coronavirus

Alasdair Groves  ·  Mar 30, 2020

Writing about events while they are happening is always a bit dangerous. It’s easy to encourage overreactions and reinforce unhelpful panic in our hearts. That said, the COVID-19 coronavirus provides us with an opportunity to think about how we respond to anxiety. Specifically, I want to think about how we can handle the particular strain of anxiety that comes when we are waiting for a threat that is gliding toward us, its fin visible above the surface. Thankfully, Scripture knows the fear of impending danger intimately and speaks to it repeatedly.

So let’s seize this occasion to refresh our collective memory on how Scripture navigates this particular eddy within the larger current of anxiety. What is our comfort when a significant threat looms but has not yet begun to erode the shore in earnest? Let’s look at an unfamiliar portion of a familiar Old Testament passage to get our minds moving in the right direction.

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