Acts 1:8 rains water towers on Uganda

Mike Miller  ·  Apr 01, 2015

The Planned Acts of Christian Kindness evangelism method goes beyond free gas or Valentine’s Day flowers.

In Uganda, it includes water towers.

In 2008, Acts 1:8 Ministry founder Jeff Van Beaver met a Ugandan pastor who asked the ministry to build a water tower for his community at a cost of $500.

The ministry, which distributes the PACK evangelism program, built one water tower but couldn’t afford to build more on its own.

Then God stepped in.

“Lo and behold, the following year the Lord brings us a gentleman named Ryan Pickett from the Green Bay Packers who wants to help us with that,” Jeff says. “Obviously, when you put the name of a pro football player on a program, it takes off.”

As of January, Acts 1:8 has funded 118 water towers in Uganda. The program kept its momentum even after nose tackle Pickett moved to the Houston Texans this past season.

Water towers today cost $700.

“They provide local work for people in Uganda, but more importantly, a water tower provides a physical  need—water—and the spiritual need of sharing God’s message through this simple act of kindness,” Jeff says.

Information on helping with that kindness can be found at