'20 reasons why I am grateful for my blood clots'

Katie Tupper  ·  Jan 30, 2018

Katie wrote this Facebook post just days after her pulmonary emboli when she was only 19 years old. Her recovery journey continues.

As her parents, we have learned so much about God’s great love and provision for our precious daughter. Thanks so much to Samaritan and the family of God for being part of that care. There is something so beautifully humbling about being cared for by “strangers.”

We have also learned so many practical things about shopping around for good quality, reasonably priced medical care. We encountered kindness and discounts in many places—from the on-call PA to the local pharmacy to the hospital resource specialist to the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, and many more.

To God be the glory!

Don and Suzie Tupper

Coshocton, OH

20 Reasons why I am grateful for my blood clots

1. This experience gave me tangible proof that God’s timing is way better than mine. Towards the beginning of the semester, there was a possibility of me going out of the country during J-term, but it didn’t work out, so I was planning on staying and taking a class. Then I went to register for classes, but there weren’t any I could take, so I chose to stay home.

2. I was able to interact with the medical field very hands-on and it has sparked my interest. The things that go into the practice of medicine blew my mind over and over.

3. My level of sympathy and compassion for those with health problems has skyrocketed, especially for those in college. It is a challenge to balance life and sickness.

4. I have been inspired to be more of a servant thanks to the incredible service I received at the Genesis clinic. They treated me like a princess and did everything they could to make me feel comfortable.

5. I gained a greater appreciation for my high pain tolerance thanks to the countless blood tests and the IV at the hospital and the shots I had to give myself for about 15 days following my hospital visit. I have never been more grateful that I do not have a fear of needles.

6. In the same breath, I have also gained a deeper gratefulness for God’s design of pain. If I did not experience pain, I would not have pursued this problem, and this clot could have gotten even more deadly than it already was.

7. I have become a more humble human thanks to having to go in a bedpan.

8. This has caused me to slow down. I am a big go go go person, but thanks to my clot, I have learned the importance of resting and peace.

9. I have gained an even deeper appreciation for those who are close to me. My dad spent hours upon hours researching what was happening so he could be well-informed on my problems. My mom was by my side trying to do anything I needed and being the brains behind keeping everything organized. My brother, even from a thousand miles away, kept calling and checking in to make sure I was ok. My best friends checked in on me even while being a million miles away. My boyfriend visited, listened to me rant, and held me while I cried.

10. I have realized how much I appreciate the love and compassion of countless relatives, classmates, bosses, professors, friends, and my church family. Thank you all.

11. Prayer is a connector over states and countries. I learned that people had been praying for me all over the place. God is an amazing God and He heard the prayers and responded.

12. My eyes were opened to my own mortality. I think I’ve been running through life with the mindset that I have at least 60 more years guaranteed to me, but I have recognized that I don’t even know what is going to happen in the next minute. Life is a GIFT.

13. Throughout my life, I have surrounded myself with sports and fitness. Now I have been forced to find an identity that is not connected to sports. With that stripped away, I realized how important it is to find my identity in Christ alone.

14. I have an increased appreciation for my current place in life. This has pointed out to me how much I actually do love college and learning and spending time with my peers. I love Taylor University!

15. My fear has allowed Christ to shine so brightly. Late at night, when everyone else was sleeping and the pain was unbearable, God was there. I would talk to Him and cry out. “Tender whispers in the dead of night” has never been so accurate.

16. My priorities have been rearranged. Salvation is so important and I hope coming out of this, that I make that crystal clear to everyone I interact with. Life can end so quickly and it is so important to know one’s eternal future.

17. Self-care has never been so important. I have learned the importance of listening to my body and taking care of myself, and helping others do the same.

18. It was really entertaining to see people’s reactions to a 19-year-old with a blood clot.

19. I was able to meet countless people who are really good at what they do: from the nurses at Genesis, to the woman who took my blood at Coshocton, to the staff at Northern Lights, and the pharmacy workers at CVS. Thank you all for what you do every day. I cannot begin to express how much it meant to me to have a kind smile in the midst of this scary situation.

20. God is so, so, so strong. In my weakness and humanness, God’s strength and love has become so evident. It is mind-blowing that such a huge, powerful God could care so much about me to allow me to continue to be on this Earth today. I will serve Him with all that I am.

The Tuppers are members from Coshocton, Ohio.