Justin & Cindy

Peace of Mind

When Justin and Cindy discovered they were expecting their first child, they called Samaritan Ministries and started a maternity need. Shortly after, they submitted their first shareable medical bills. They started receiving money from fellow members to help them pay those bills, but were most encouraged by the words of congratulations and prayers for a safe delivery. They could feel the excitement from their Samaritan community. 

Fast forward to March 2020 and there’s news of a global pandemic. The expectant parents start hearing rumors, soon to be confirmed, that Justin might not be allowed in the delivery room. A joy-filled time became a time of uncertainty as Justin and Cindy talked through what might be next. They decided on a home birth with a midwife and doula, and Cindy called Samaritan Ministries with the news that they were switching from a hospital to a home birth. Justin remembers the peace she had when she hung up the phone; there was one less obstacle, one less thing opposing them.

“One of the things that we were most excited about when we learned about Samaritan, was how important pregnancy needs, and birth, and life was to Samaritan, especially being a Christian organization and aligning with our beliefs.”

Months go by, the city is in lock-down, isolation is a common denominator, and in the midst of it all, Maxine arrives. Justin is by Cindy’s side as she gives birth in the hallway of their apartment. Justin said it was a beautiful experience, and Cindy said the whole experience was God giving her an opportunity to be really brave.

When Justin and Cindy joined Samaritan Ministries, they didn’t fully comprehend how the Samaritan community supported one another, a community that would soon feel more like family.

After Maxine was born, they were flooded with letters which Justin says were especially meaningful because they were so lonely – not being able to see their friends, go to church, or have their family present. Cindy adds, “Someone sat down, thought about their words. Thought about verses, thought about stories, thought about their own lives, and took the time to consider ours - to consider our hearts, consider what we must be going through, and to remind us of things that are so easy to overlook in difficult times.” And it’s because of that thoughtfulness and love that they’re inspired to send a handwritten note when sending their share to a fellow member.

Justin and Cindy have been Samaritan members since 2019

Sitting on the floor, Cindy playfully reads to their young daughter as Justin looks on.