Balanced Stewardship

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Our mission at Samaritan Ministries is to share as many needs and help as many people as possible. Sometimes, members have more needs than what can be met by the community’s resources. When this happens, we use a process we call prorating to help the greatest number of people possible.


Prorating looks a little like this – suppose there were eleven needs submitted for sharing in a given month.

Each member’s need total was $1,000, for a cumulative total of $11,000 in needs. If there is only $10,000 available in shares to assign, there just isn’t enough to pay for all the needs.

To help the greatest number of people submitting needs, instead of sharing the full amount of the need, we share a portion of it - usually between 80 and 90 percent. In our example, this means the eleven $1,000 needs would have $909 shared (Roughly 91%), for a total of $9,999. In this way, the $10,000 available for sharing is able to help eleven members by giving them $909 each.

In other words…

It’s kind of like sharing juice with friends. Maybe there’s enough for four friends to have full cups. However, if a fifth friend arrives, everyone might need to take a little less so everyone can partake.

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Prorating is a way for us to help the greatest number of members when there are a limited number of shares. We only ever prorate needs when there aren’t enough shares available. If prorating has to happen three months in a row, the membership votes on a share increase to prevent future prorating.

For full details on prorating, see Section VI.D of the Guidelines

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