How Sharing Works

Overview of direct health care sharing

Health care sharing is a way that Christians are paying for their health care without using health insurance. When they have a medical need, Samaritan members receive support from other members and pay their health care providers directly.

Sending your monthly share

A monthly share is the amount you send directly to other members each month and is based on the membership level that you select. Each month you’ll send your share to a member in need:

  1. Needs are assigned

    Each month you are notified with the name and sending information of a member with a medical need.

  2. Monthly shares are sent

    Send your share, a note of encouragement, and remember to pray for the member in need.

  3. Verify you’ve sent your share

    Using Samaritan’s online member dashboard, mark your share as sent.

  4. Continue to pray

    Pray for the member with a medical need and know that when you have a need, someone will do the same for you.

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Submitting a medical need

After receiving medical care, the process of getting shares from other members can be started right away and usually takes between sixty to ninety days:

  1. Notify Samaritan of your need

    When you have a need, you can start the need sharing process online or call a member advocate.

  2. Submit itemized bills

    Once the need is created, you can submit the itemized bills you receive from your providers.

  3. SMI shares your need

    Other members are notified of your need, prayer request, and where to send their share.

  4. Receive shares & pay your bills

    When shares begin to arrive, pay your provider and notify Samaritan Ministries.

Balancing needs & shares

We are committed to stewarding the membership’s resources in today’s volatile health care market. Occasionally, there are more medical needs to be shared than share money available. When this happens, we use a process called prorating. When we prorate we take a percentage of each bill, usually ranging from 80 to 95 percent, and share that percentage.

If we prorate three months in a row, members vote on whether they would like share amounts increased so that needs can be shared at 100 percent once again.

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