Empower your listeners to take control of their health care with Dan Celia.

Health care in America is shrouded in uncertainty, and listeners are looking for a trusted source to help them decipher the facts from fiction. Now, help is here.

Dan Celia, nationally syndicated host of Financial Issues, joins Cody Dewitt for a 28 minute one-time radio special to dive into the health care options in America. Listen as they dissect how you can be a good steward of both your health care and your finances with your health care choice. You’ll learn how God has a plan for health care, and where you can find evidence in the Bible.

As Americans face higher and higher premiums and deductibles, let Dan and Cody be your guide to navigating the confusion surrounding health care —all while keeping God your focus.

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Join Dan Celia and Cody Dewitt as they discuss health care options that will change lives

Dan Celia

Dan is host of Financial Issues, a program aired on over 640 stations daily. Financial Issues can be heard in every state and around the world through the Internet. Dan has interviewed newsmakers like Steve Forbes, Ben Stein, as well as members of Congress and presidential candidates.

Cody Dewitt

Cody is a health care research analyst who advises people on how to make sense of their health care options. With a deep understanding of health care in America, Cody is able to offer real solutions to the uncertainty and volatility Americans experience.