Why SMI? Kevin Clark likes the personal aspect

By Kathryn NIelson  ·  Dec 20, 2021

Health insurance “wasn’t really working” for Kevin Clark and his wife, Taryn.

“It was impersonal in the way customers are treated,” says Kevin, who founded Ecclesial Schools Initiative in Oviedo, Florida. “It seemed like the goal was to get you connected into a network of doctors and pharmaceuticals, to keep the gravy train going. It didn’t seem like the primary thing was us being well cared for. That rubbed us the wrong way.”

Health insurance also supports unbiblical practices, Kevin points out.

The Clarks checked out Samaritan Ministries after friends told them about it.

“It wasn’t that weird to us,” Kevin says.

For one thing, they were already used to asking providers for discounts.

Two of his four children have been born since they joined Samaritan.

“It’s been extraordinary,” Kevin says. “All of my children were born C-section, which means they were pretty significant Needs that we shared. You get not only your Needs met by fellow Christians but the notes you receive are wonderful.”

One family sent a hat and baby blanket to the Clarks along with a note after their daughter Naomi was born.

“We thought that was the most precious thing,” Kevin recalls. “That was something else.

“There have been a couple of other small medical events too, and with every single one of them it’s been amazing.”

He appreciates other personal aspects of being a Samaritan member.

“Every month when I write my Share and send it out with a note, I know that it’s going to real people,” Kevin says.

Ecclesial Schools Initiative also offers Samaritan membership to his staff as a health care option.