Why SMI? David and Becky Servant looked at reputation

By Kathryn Nielson  ·  Aug 26, 2021

When David and Becky Servant of Heaven’s Family were looking for a health care sharing ministry to be a part of, “we knew there were several choices,” David says.

As it turns out, Tony and Felicity Dale, then of The Karis Group, had worked with all the health care sharing ministries and recommended Samaritan to David and Becky, saying that it was the best based on several criteria.

“We have certainly have had that confirmed,” David says.

David had a mini-stroke a couple of years ago. Thankfully, he recovered completely, but treatment was expensive.

“I shared my Need and got help from all over the country, and it worked beautifully,” David says, noting the Samaritan website’s ease of navigation and clear direction in how the process works. “Our experience with Samaritan has been great.”

Two of their children are Samaritan members as well. Their children have had more Needs than David and Becky and have also enjoyed good sharing experiences.

“We can’t say enough good about it,” David says. 

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