Why SMI? 'My wife and I drew closer to God because of Samaritan'

Michael Miller  ·  Sep 24, 2019

Director Dallas Jenkins chose Samaritan Ministries when he left a regular job to “take a chance on The Chosen.” Then “God showed up.”

His previous job provided health insurance, but, after starting work on the streaming series that focuses on the Gospels, Dallas needed to find affordable health care provision for him, his wife, Amanda, and their four children.

“Shortly after we joined Samaritan, we were faced with multiple health crises from every member of my family, including myself, all in like a three-month period,” Dallas says. “We had nothing but a hope that Samaritan was going to come through.

“I remember visiting the Samaritan offices because I was going to screen one of my movies in Peoria, and I just told them, ‘Listen, right now, we have literally tens of thousands of dollars in health care costs that we just fronted, and told them we were self-pay, and we are hoping that this comes true.’”

The Samaritan representative he was meeting with “just said, ‘Watch how God’s going to show up,’ and, in the next three to four months, my wife and I drew closer to God because of Samaritan.”

Dallas says that two of the main producers of The Chosen are also Samaritan members.

“We all have stories of how God showed up through Samaritan, so The Chosen is, in many ways a perfect partner for Samaritan, because the stories we’re telling (in the program) are about the Great Healer and about a community of believers who came together and changed the world,” Dallas says, “but also because we’re crowdfunded and we’re literally dependent on each other providing the means to do this show.”

Because they feel so blessed by other Samaritan members, they also feel moved to contribute to the Member Assistance Fund regularly.

“My wife and I, every chance we get, every time Samaritan says, ‘Hey, here’s a share option that you can do for someone who has a Special Prayer Need,’ we always do it because we feel like we’ve been blessed so much by others.”