The Doorpost: Rejoice and be glad when you’re persecuted

Mike Miller  ·  Oct 01, 2015

october doorpost 2015

Our idea of God’s blessing can be very different from His, sometimes completely the opposite. We naturally want life to be easy, not difficult. We tend to think that when we obey Jesus Christ, pleasant things will to happen to us, and others will be nice to us and tell the truth about us.

When the opposite happens, we may be surprised and wonder why we aren’t being blessed. Jesus says that actually we are being blessed. The same thing has happened to the servants of God throughout history. The Bible is full of examples that show that being reviled and persecuted for Jesus is to be expected. It is normal.

When we are reviled, persecuted, or lied about for Jesus’ sake, we should rejoice and be glad, because our reward is great in heaven. That’s when we really are blessed.