Noteworthy: From the editors

By Ted Pittenger, Founder and President  ·  Aug 30, 2021

In September 1991, the founding Board members gathered at my dining room table to sign incorporation papers for Samaritan Ministries International. We didn’t know where God would take this new health care sharing ministry, but we were confident that He would use it in the best way possible.

I can now look back on 30 years of praying and trusting as I prepare to hand over leadership of Samaritan as its President and CEO to Mark Zander. Those 30 years have been filled with awe at God’s faithfulness as He brought us through crises and growth. We have shared more than $3 billion in medical Needs since 1994!

None of that could have happened without God’s protection and mercies, or without answered prayer.

I will continue to be involved with Samaritan Ministries as a member of the Board, as well as with other projects. I make this transition with full trust in the Father’s faithfulness to guide Mark and the rest of the leaders here. Please pray for me in this new season of life, for Mark and Samaritan’s leadership team, for our Board, and for all our fellow members!