New sharing program coming soon: Samaritan Given

Samaritan staff  ·  Oct 23, 2019

As we celebrate our 25th year in ministry we are also announcing the launch of an entirely new sharing program: Samaritan Given. We want to keep the same principles of direct member-to-member sharing but also package together new technologies and partners in a way that will make health care sharing better than ever.

Samaritan Given features a custom-developed online platform that will enable members to do all sharing electronically. You will be able to set up your bank account to work with the platform, and a mobile app will allow you to send your Share with a swipe. You will also have the option to directly message others with encouragement and prayers.

Samaritan Given will also feature a membership card that members will present to providers, resulting in properly itemized digital billing information flowing into the sharing platform. You won’t have to hassle with repeatedly requesting more information from providers. Our partners will reprice bills to a fair price, and the providers will be paid quickly. In the majority of cases, it will all happen automatically!

Samaritan Given is designed to allow you to determine what is best for you and your family. You will select the options for the monthly Share, Annual Unshareable Amount, and Co-share that you prefer. Explore the options at

We are very excited to introduce Samaritan Given so that many more Christians can catch the vision for joining together as the Body of Christ to share one another’s burdens and glorify God with our health care.

Current members have the first opportunity to join Samaritan Given; email messages with more details have been sent. Of course, if you prefer the Samaritan Classic or Basic experience, you can simply continue sharing as you always have.

We appreciate your prayers for Samaritan staff and partners as we work on this important new endeavor.