Member letters: 'Deeply blessed by notes'

by Samaritan members  ·  Jun 21, 2022

Well, after years of belonging to Samaritan, I was blessed not only to see it work financially but was deeply blessed by reading the notes that were written to me. To be a part of such a fantastic ministry that ministers to people when they need an encouraging word is beyond what I imagined. I am very grateful for everyone involved in this ministry.
Michael, Wyoming

We are so thankful to be part of Samaritan Ministries. It is such a continual blessing in our lives. We love being able to be part of the larger body of Christ and come alongside brothers and sisters in their times of trial and uncertainty, or times of celebration. We love the Guidelines and the accountability they provide. We also are so thankful for the things that are shareable—all things that promote and encourage wise stewardship of health and finances. We feel like wise, Biblical choices are encouraged and rewarded.

Laura, Georgia

We are fairly new to Samaritan and just experienced our first large medical Need. What a jaw-dropping month it has been, watching the checks roll in! Wow! Every time we opened the mail, there were tears of gladness and outbursts of praise to God. Before this, we were happy to send our check and note of encouragement to someone in need each month, but NOW we do it eagerly and with great joy, knowing the blessing of being on the receiving end.

Dawn, Texas

I remain continually amazed at God’s provision through Samaritan Ministries members. Having health care needs met continues to astound me. The alternative care and more holistic approach that we have been able to use with our health setbacks is an invaluable privilege. Initially, I knew zero about having Needs submitted, but the advocates have helped me get started and provide advice when needed. They never leave me feeling lost or foolish. Partnering with Samaritan to care for our family’s needs has been a gift from God. We are grateful for this rare opportunity to pursue health in body, mind and spirit. The peace of mind we have now allows us to bless others and serve in ways we could not have before. Praise God!

Kathy, Nebraska