Member Assistance Thank You Letters

Samaritan members  ·  Nov 06, 2018

Every month we share more than $27 million in medical Needs. However, every month $1 million in bills don’t qualify for sharing, and are still financial burdens for members. If each household gave just $30, we would lift all these burdens! 

This month’s letters are all from members blessed by Member Assistance giving. If you’d like to contribute via Secure-Q, click here.

When our five year old daughter began experiencing hearing loss, we were so anxious about the big financial need for the hearing aids. Hearing is so important for her development and overall life experience. The hearing aids have already improved her learning ability in the classroom and her day-to-day participation in conversations. Also her safety while playing outside.

We have received great emotional and spiritual encouragement through notes from members, including a retired speech and language therapist, members who have never given to Member Assistance before, and families that attend the same school as our daughter!

Bloomington, Illinois

I came home from work one day and saw an envelope from someone I did not recognize. I just wondered, “Who is this?” I opened it up and saw a gift from Nick and Joanna for $30. I about started bawling. It totally blessed my heart. I was overwhelmed by the expression of God’s love.

Then I noticed there was another one from David and Marie. I felt even more blessed. A few more checks and cards started showing up over the next few days and then I came home one day and found my wife with a peculiar look on her face, on the edge of crying. It was postmarked from our own town and I thought, that’s cool. I opened it up and there was a card and check for $100 from our pastor. I joined my wife in crying. Praise God.

Idaho Falls, Idaho

When my husband had major dental work we stressed about how we were going to pay for it. We rearranged finances and signed up for a payment plan to make it work. It was a big stretch for us.

When we made the request for Member Assistance we didn’t know how much support we would receive. Gifts came in slowly but in the end we have been hugely blessed and provided for by generous members! Thank you Jesus and Samaritan for such abundant provision. A large financial burden has been lifted for our family.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The funds we received to help with our pre-existing maternity bills is a wonderful reminder that God provides in many ways. We have loved being part of Samaritan, part of the hands and feet of God. His Word says that we as the Body of Christ work together using the gifts of the Spirit to heal. 

I believe seeing this financial provision come from brothers and sisters is part of that healing. Disease, sickness, and illness are physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Knowing that others are praying and seeing His provision come from His earthly vessels is a form of healing in itself. It’s beautiful to witness.

Keller, Texas

We’re very grateful for the help given to us by members as one more example of the Body of Christ supporting one another. We also praise God that some family members have generously given a gift which meets the rest of our need. So no further Samaritan requests are necessary. 

We are in awe of God’s provision. He knows our every need and sovereignly orchestrates how He will meet it. We are humbled, blessed and very grateful.

Scandia, Minnesota

We want to say that after being  member now for eight years, we are even more amazed at this ministry. I talk about Samaritan often and have had several friends sign up over the years. 

This experience receiving member assistance helped my wife a lot, and we will continue to share our story. God bless you all for your service to us and to God.

Montgomery, Texas

We are extremely thankful for the Samaritan community. Words cannot express our gratitude. We were overwhelmingly blessed with love, support, prayers, and financial gifts from our community after our son’s health scare with seizures and a rare nutritional disorder.

He is stable thanks to his daily dose of medicine. The gifts we received were able to pay for 5 months of medicine for him. This gives our family peace of mind moving into the next season. Thank you so much for your kindness. May God bless you.

Norfolk, Nebraska

When we asked for assistance for our son’s pre-existing hernia bills we didn’t realize the great blessing it would be to receive encouraging notes from people all over the country who don’t even know us personally. We felt a very real  expression of God’s love through all those cards and letters.

Knowing brothers and sisters in Christ were praying for healing for our son and our financial need was so impactful on our family, both on us as parents and on our children. 
We thank the Lord for the opportunity to be part of Samaritan Ministries and share in others lives in the name of Christ our Savior.

Cedar Springs, Michigan

To our family of believers:

Believers in God’s power to heal, God’s grace to sustain, God’s hand to lead us, and most of all that He seeks and saves the pentitent sinner! That’s awesome! That He actually seeks the sinner is love divine. I love Him because he first loved me.

We want to share how God met our need, spiritually, physically, and financially. Because of my pre-existing Parkinson’s I was sure nobody would take us with our health issues. I postponed a surgery for a year and I was losing balance and strength. Obamacare had caused our insurance to expire and we were not able to afford the replacements on our own. We decided to call Samaritan and were overjoyed at the heart touching prayers prayed over the phone. We learned about this ministry and I remember seeing a family holding envelopes from the mailbox. I thought it was probably too good to be true.

I still remember when we received our first Share Assignment with the instructions to always send a note of encouragement. There was no doubt in our mind that this is what we wanted.

Now we have experienced the flood of letters coming to us, and what was so awesome was the mailman and people at the post office wondered what was going on. We took the opportunity to explain the wonderful sharing ministry to them.

It was all an answer to prayer worth waiting for. Isaiah 40:31 says, “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles. The will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not be faint.”

Thank you, thank you Samaritan members and staff for coming to our rescue sharing financially and spiritually in our lives. Thank you to those who took the time to write those notes of encouragement and share God’s provision with us. May you be richly blessed.

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

I’ve always been a do it yourself person so finding myself in a position of need wasn’t easy. I’m a missionary serving Christ in Haiti and I was struggling to hear the children I teach, so I decidedly ever so hesitantly to ask for assistance for glasses and a hearing aids. Oh how these things have made life so much nicer!

Because brothers and sisters from all over donated to help me I’m able to continue in ministry. I was facing the choice to use funds that were allocated to build a storage facility to help provide God’s precious Word to Haitian churches through Bibles and songbooks. Thankfully the dollars donated by Samaritan members stretch far here for medical services. By God’s grace through Samaritan, the storage building work has not been hindered. Praise His name!

Fort Pierce, Florida