Links to January 2017 newsletter articles

By Mike Miller

Jan 01

jan 2017 links

  • Ted Pittenger, Samaritan Ministries’ International President, gives his annual State of the Ministry report. Ted reviews a year of strong growth and some of the challenges in 2016. He also shares his thoughts about what we should be praying for in the new political environment and how it might affect our health care system.
  • Rob Slane reflects on what lies behind the recent controversies about “fake news.” Have we become as cynical about truth as Pilate was? We must rely on the One Who is the Truth.
  • The Member Spotlight features Julé Colvin, who specializes in helping nonprofits find funding. See the back of the sheet for information about a giveaway of free passes to her grant writing course. She also explains why she and her family joined Samaritan Ministries.
  • Learn about new Samaritan member Paul Perryman, who survived a horrific triathlon accident. He saw God provide for the huge bills, much of it through a Special Prayer Need.
  • A “sugar alert” issued by the Weston A. Price Foundation warns of sugar’s role in the most common serious diseases. The average person now consumes 180 pounds of sugar per year, and convenience foods are filled with industrial sweeteners.
  • Samaritan member Dr. Jane Orient explains why “universal coverage” is a misguided objective when it comes to reforming health care. In fact, too much insurance is the problem, not the solution, she says.
  • In a reflection on Psalm 19, The Doorpost reminds us that we need to be truly seeking God and not presuming.