Guide for practicing intercessory prayer

by Greg Feulner  ·  Apr 20, 2022

Intercessory prayer allows us to lift up fellow members in need

Is intercessory prayer a good way to spend valuable time?

Noteworthy: Intercessory prayer is vital piece of health care sharing

  1. Read through the Samaritan Ministries Prayer Guide (or note your prayer assignment every month if you participate in Given), using the days provided as a guide, or praying for one, two, or several Needs that you feel particularly burdened to pray for. Also, don’t forget to pray for the specific Need your family has been assigned that month.
  2. Write down the prayer requests of others on a notecard. Have a card for every week (or month). Doing this reminds us of the needs of others when the distractions of life make it easy to forget.
  3. Be in the habit of praying at all times: in the grocery store, driving, at home, in bed, during the good times and the bad. Jesus lives to make intercession for us to the Father; every time is a good time to pray.
  4. Worship God in spirit and truth. Seeing God rightly and adoring Him as King puts the world into perspective.
  5. Ask God to empower you in your prayer life. Pray in confidence that the Spirit indeed would intercede for us.