Have you asked your church's staff to join Samaritan Ministries?

Samaritan member  ·  Aug 27, 2018

A letter one family wrote to their church leaders

Editor’s note: This letter was written by Samaritan members to their church leaders, asking them to consider switching from insurance to Samaritan for the staff’s health care. Churches often look at their health care plans in the fall as they are preparing the next year’s budget, so now may be a good time to make a similar suggestion to your congregation’s leadership. The letter is several years old, so the premium and deductibles mentioned would be much higher now.

My wife and I hope that this letter finds you all doing well. We continue to enjoy body life at church, and as always are privileged to be a part.

We were looking over the church budget and have an idea that you may be interested in that will both save money and at the same time, we believe, express faith in God’s provision through His body.

We all know that health insurance is not cheap and when the time comes to use it, the payout isn’t great either. As Kim and I have sought to reduce our family expenses wherever possible, we looked for options regarding health care. There were steep premium increases annually (whether we had claims or not); the only way to keep it near $1,000/month was to increase our deductible and decrease our benefits.

After examining our options with our insurance company and several others, we decided to look into Samaritan Ministries, a faith-based method of addressing health care costs that does not use insurance. We had many questions, as we were admittedly nervous about leaving the familiar and seemingly safe health plan. Samaritan Ministries patiently and thoroughly answered our many questions, replacing our nervousness with the confidence that this may be not only a feasible answer for our family’s health care needs, but a God-honoring one at that. After much prayer, conversation, and phone calls to Samaritan Ministries, we chose to cancel our long-standing insurance policy and join Samaritan.

It was a great decision, as our past year’s experience testifies. We put the Samaritan members to the test in this last year with my surgery and our daughter’s hospital stay. Every single doctor and hospital bill was shared and has been paid for, minus the $300 that we pay out-of-pocket for each need. Comparatively, our “reliable” but expensive insurance policy hit us with $3,000 in out-of-pocket expenses after my wife’s hip surgery two years ago.

Samaritan uses a sharing approach, with a steady monthly share that is less than half what we were paying for our insurance policy. They have family, couple, and individual share amounts. Specific info is in the packet that was mailed to you, or online at SamaritanMinistries.org.

The financial peace of mind is wonderful. However, there is a peace to this ministry that’s even greater. Samaritan Ministries is a solid Biblical organization. It’s not only founded on Biblical principles in how it serves believers in need, but the principles are being lived out among the member families. The staff has been terrific to work with. The members have blessed us immensely with cards and notes of encouragement and affirmation of their prayers for us while in the healing process. Rest assured, we never received one note of encouragement from our insurance company saying that they were praying for us in the fifteen years we were policyholders. They simply cashed our check each month, and let us know which claims they would pay and which they wouldn’t.

Why do we share all of this with you? There are a couple of reasons. As you well know, we desire to see our church be debt free. Spending almost $63,000 a year on health insurance for the staff when we could be spending probably less than $15,000 is significant. We also want to spread the good word about Samaritan Ministries now that we’ve had great experiences to testify about.

When Kim has talked with doctors and hospital staff concerning our bills, she has said how much the people she’s worked with have paused and taken note of such a remarkable ministry. Some have even said, ‘’Wow, so this is how Christians help one another?” What a testimony to the world!

We really hope that you’ll take the time to investigate for yourselves how the ministry works and seriously and prayerfully consider having the staff become members, not to mention your own families.

Feel free to ask us any questions you might have. We would encourage you to give Samaritan Ministries a call yourself to investigate. 

You church leadership can call Samaritan at 877-764-2426, or get an overview of Samaritan here.