Review: 'Genesis: Paradise Lost'

Jed Stuber  ·  Oct 30, 2017

Have you ever wondered what things looked like during creation, when God Himself spoke the universe into existence? When He created light and gave form to the heavens and earth? When galaxies, stars, planets, moons, and comets first appeared? When the land and oceans were created? When trees, plants, and animals of every kind came into being in a perfect, uncorrupted world?

We can view some approximation of these wonders thanks to 3D animation and the Biblically grounded imagination of the many ministries and companies that collaborated on Genesis: Paradise Lost. Produced by Creation Today, the project took five years to complete.

I was watching a preview early one morning when my five-year-old daughter woke up and joined me. She was captivated by the animations. She ran to the doorway, keeping one eye on the screen while shouting to her sisters: “Wake up! I just saw how God made the world! It was amazing! And I saw Noah’s Ark, too. It was so cool! Come watch!”

Genesis: Paradise Lost comes to theaters nationwide for one night only, on November 13. Visit to find a theater near you, including many with 3D showings.

The movie features Samaritan member Terry Mortenson as one of the experts who speaks to the questions that swirl around Genesis, “the definitive book of our origins and our destiny” as the movie puts it.

Mortenson is a speaker for Answers in Genesis and the author and/or editor of three books:

  • The Great Turning Point: The Church’s Catastrophic Mistake on Geology—Before Darwin
  • Coming to Grips with Genesis: Biblical Authority and the Age of the Earth
  • Searching for Adam: Genesis and the Truth about Man’s Origins

With an M.Div and Ph.D in the history of geology, he brings an interdisciplinary perspective. Here’s a sample of his remarks in the film: 

Genesis is giving us the true history of the world. The scientific evidence does not support evolution and millions of years. It confirms what Genesis says about the flood and the age of the earth.

How do we explain natural phenomena like the formation of continents, tectonic plates, geologic layers, glaciation, volcanoes, mountain ranges, massive canyons, and the fossil record? 

Experts from a variety of fields explain how it is all consistent with the Bible’s account of the worldwide flood.

How do we answer challenging questions about the vast distances in space and time needed for light to travel to the earth? Or radiometric dating of rocks that seems to indicate much longer ages than the Bible’s account? Hear from accomplished scientists who believe the Bible has the answers.

What about the Big Bang Theory or abiogenesis, the concept of life arising by chance from inorganic substances? Learn why there’s not a shred of evidence for these theories and why they don’t even comport with the laws of science. 

How should we understand the variety of plant and animal life, and the developing science of genetics? Enjoy the combination of expert insights and breathtaking visuals that inspire us to apply the Bible to these topics and many more. Finally, be refreshed by a creative presentation of the Gospel, inspired by the foreshadowing in Genesis of the redemption of a tragically fallen world.

Dr. Charles Jackson, another expert featured in the film, says, “We need to bring the worlds of science and the Bible together for people, so they see that they mesh.”

Genesis: Paradise Lost is up to that challenge, so invite non-Christian friends and family, or get a church group together. Check out the group ticket options at