DPC Q&A with Dr. Steven Manning

Samaritan staff  ·  Feb 21, 2018

Simplicity is the best part of a direct primary care practice, says Dr. Steven Manning, a Samaritan Ministries member who owns and operates AccessMedicine in Williamston, North Carolina. It benefits both patient and doctor, he adds.

Also, patients receive 24/7 access to him, quality comprehensive care, transparency in pricing, and affordability so that anyone can benefit. Dr. Manning benefits because third-parties have been removed.

“There is no longer anyone between us and the patient,” he says.

Steven and his wife, Candice, along with their children, Meredith, Berkley, and Elizabeth joined Samaritan in 2015 after the price of insurance became too much for their family. Even if health care costs went down, Dr. Manning says, they still wouldn’t go back to health insurance.

How is your practice different than a typical one?

Our practice is completely focused on the patient. I realize other practices may say that, but let me explain how we are different. As a Direct Primary Care practice, we specialize in maintaining close contact with our patients through text, email, phone visits, and video visits. Office visits are typically 30 minutes or longer and patients spend very little time waiting. Unlike traditional practices, our interaction with the patient is not solely based on seeing them in the office. We can take care of our patients wherever they are, whenever they need us. We offer 24/7 access.

What are some of the advantages to your practice that patients most appreciate?

We focus on four major aspects of the care we provide: 1) Access—our members are guaranteed same-day or next-day access to us when needed. 2) Quality—we aim to provide the best, most comprehensive primary care available anywhere. 3) Transparency—our prices and the fees in our practice are clear and upfront. There are no behind the scenes costs unlike insurance-based practices … patients love this! 4) Affordability—we set out to make our fees as affordable as possible so that anyone can take advantage of membership in our practice and obtain the best medical care.

What are some of the problems with regulation of health care that you are able to avoid by having a DPC?

Wow, this is the best part! Our practice model and operation is extremely simple … our members receive all of their care for a flat monthly fee. There are no fees to see us and being a member gives you access to us 24/7 through text, email, phone, or video. Our lab fees are clear and patients are aware of them upfront and we provide many in office procedures such as EKGs, spirometry for no additional cost to members. All this is possible because we do not bill insurance and instead work directly for the patient and provide them the most we can for their hard-earned money. This simple process is a much more predictable and stable income source than relying on insurance reimbursements which can be delayed and reduced. And the best part is that we have eliminated the middle man and there is no longer anyone between us and the patient.

Could you elaborate on your slogan “Direct Primary Care for the whole family”?

We provide care for the whole family, newborn and up. We are a true family-medicine practice. We offer membership for individuals, couples, and families. We also offer discounts for single parents and their children.

Why did you join Samaritan Ministries?

Honestly, we initially joined Samaritan because the cost of health insurance became astronomical for our family. So, we looked for other options. We investigated the three largest health care sharing ministries and ultimately decided on Samaritan. From what I gathered, Samaritan seemed to fit the best for our family and Biblical understanding. As believers, we knew that sharing health care costs and burdens with our brothers and sisters in Christ would be helpful, but we never knew how rewarding it could be until we started the process. Our membership with Samaritan has been nothing but wonderful and we encourage others to consider this as an option for them whenever possible. Even if health insurance became more affordable, we would not go back.

What has your experience been with having a need?

Thankfully, we have not had to post many needs for our family. However, we are currently in the process of some medical/visual problems with our son that will need to be shared and are looking forward to the support that will come from our Samaritan family.

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