Dr. Z is on a nutrition mission for the Church

Kathryn Nielson  ·  Nov 26, 2018

Essential oils aren’t Dr. Eric Zielinski’s only passion. His conversion to Christ healed him of his many addictions, but his health struggles remained. Nutrition was the vehicle God used to heal him, and now “Dr. Z” is on a mission to bring to light this often-overlooked subject in the Church.

“The acceptable sin of the Church is gluttony,” the Samaritan Ministries member says. “Satan can’t steal our salvation, but what he’s doing is robbing Christians from fulfilling their ministry in life because they are chronically ill.”

In the spirit of Enoch, the believer who led him to Christ, Dr. Z stresses that good nutrition and healthy living are not only beneficial but also a duty. We should protect our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

“There are so many people not fulfilling their God-given destiny and purpose because they’re sick,” he says.

With a heavy emphasis on nutrition and health, his next book will explain how health affects relationships, finances, and everything in between. It will include tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to make over your pantry and convert food to allergy-friendly, non-toxic food, and how to say “no.” Most importantly, it will cover how to guard your heart and your mind and your spirit.

There are so many people not fulfilling their God-given destiny and purpose because they’re sick.

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Dr. Z’s heart is to teach and equip Christians with the tools needed to be able to fully live the life God has called them to. Poor food choices hinder that from happening.

“A lot of Christians will tell you they are addicted to sugar,” he says. “I believe it’s the number one cause of disease, and I can prove it over and over and over.”

With that in mind, he’s working on a self-published health Bible study. For Dr. Z, physical health and wellness go hand in hand with spiritual health.

“What I’m trying to do is what Dave Ramsey did for money and make health not taboo anymore,” he says. “We don’t have anyone encouraging the Body of Christ to be healthy.”