The coronavirus pandemic cannot prevail against the Church

David Mathis of Desiring God  ·  Apr 27, 2020

These may be unprecedented days in our lifetimes, but they are not unprecedented in the life of the Church.

The Church has endured such suffering and uncertainty before, and much worse, just by way of pandemic, not to mention persecution. In days like these, and in every season of our lives, we do well to remember the certainty and centrality of the Church in the care of the living Christ.

To be clear, this is not a word about being the Church in the coronavirus age. This is the Church’s age, not a virus’s. The Church will not pass. Coronavirus will.

And this is our Father’s world. This is Christ’s world. And as his Bride, this is indeed, in real measure, the Church’s world. Not the news media’s. Not the epidemiologists’ and statisticians’. Not the economists’ and politicians’. The Church will endure these days, and outlive this trial, and be stronger because of the footnote that is our present distress.

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