Christian Healthcare Centers files suit against Michigan

by Michael Miller  ·  Nov 17, 2022

Christian Healthcare Centers (CHC) filed a federal lawsuit in August against the Michigan attorney general over a new state civil rights law that is being interpreted to include sexual orientation and gender identity.

“This law now requires Christian Healthcare Centers to hire people who do not share their faith, to prescribe cross-sex hormones to facilitate efforts to alter a patient’s biological sex, and to use pronouns that do not accord with a person’s biological sex,” says a news release by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), which brought the suit. “All of this violates the ministry’s religious beliefs and undermines its ability to provide safe healthcare to the needy and the rest of the community.”

CHC, co-founded by Samaritan Ministries member Mark Blocher, is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and provides affordable direct primary care. It was founded to offer a distinctly Christian alternative to traditional primary care, focusing on meeting patients’ medical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

“Christian Healthcare Centers should not be forced to check its faith at the clinic door—the very faith that motivates the nonprofit to open its doors to help those in need,” said ADF Senior Counsel Hal Frampton in the news release. “Christian Healthcare Centers serves everybody with compassionate care and respect, including patients who identify as the opposite of their biological sex, providing them with the same high-quality care it provides to all of its patients. Yet this lawsuit is necessary to protect Christian Healthcare Centers’ constitutional rights and to ensure other religious organizations can freely operate according to the dictates of their faith.”