April 2013 Samaritan Ministries newsletter links

By Mike Miller

Apr 01

In the April 2013 Samaritan Ministries Christian Health Care Newsletter:

  • ezekielhospitalGiving birth can be difficult, both for a ministry and for a mom. Executive vice president James Lansberry writes about getting the Morning Center up and running as well as the preservation of his wife’s and new son’s lives. Their baby, Ezekiel, was stillborn, but then was resuscitated. James’ account of God’s hand in both situations is in part one of his State of the Ministry report about the Morning Center.
  • Ginger and Joel Millermon also went through challenging times with their family: prematurely born twins and another adopted in dangerous circumstances. They have taken their experiences, though, and are using them to minister to women across the nation through conferences, writing and recording. The Millermons are this month’s Member Spotlight. In “Why SMI?“, they also share how they addressed their health care challenges.
  • Our cover piece is a reprint of an article by Dr. Marshall Foster, president of the World History Institute on unaccountable leaders and how tempting it is for nations to turn to them in times of crisis.
  • Ray King’s April Doorpost focuses on loving God by engaging ideas.