PCI Allergy Program

When it comes to treating allergies, a method that uses drops placed under the tongue has reported advantages over prescription medications and shots. This treatment, called sublingual immunotherapy or SLIT, may help members with allergies, a common and potentially severe health problem that can weaken a person’s immune system and lead to other serious health problems. Please read the article, “Can you eliminate seasonal allergies?” carefuly and consult with your doctor so you can make an informed decision.

To obtain SLIT treatment and have Physician Consulting Inc. contact your physician about prescribing SLIT, visit www.pcistepplan.com/smi. If your doctor mentions Samaritan Ministries when he or she registers with Physician Consulting Inc. and prescribes SLIT through the allergy program, $1 per prescription will be donated to Samaritan Ministries. The treatment normally involves about six prescriptions per year.

If you have success treating allergies with SLIT, please let us know so that we can pass on the testimonies to other members who may be helped by it.