Samaritan Ministries’ discount prescription program is powered by EnvisionRx and discount prescription cards are provided free to all Samaritan Ministries members. Members have access to access tools to find prices and pharmacies for prescriptions.


Samaritan members have reported success in receiving discounts on prescriptions using the following resources:

Here’s what some Samaritan members say:

  • “I’ve tried 5 or 6 prescription plans over the last few years, and has outshone them all. I saved hundreds of dollars a month.”
    Jonathan Ben-Ezra
  • “I have chronic asthma, and my maintenance medication is somewhat expensive. I found significant discounts simply by asking my pharmacist, who recommended It’s been a great help to me, and I hope it helps other members as well.”
    James Lansberry
  • “With Amerisave (1.800.342.0941) we saved about 50 percent on some expensive medications for my wife’s need, more than $500. It was more convenient than I expected. We were able to plan the shipping time well, and the meds arrived in a couple weeks. The staff was very helpful in processing our order in a timely way so our need could be published. He also helped us get a two month supply to avoid having to make reorders.”
    Allen Eskridge

There are hundreds of discount prescription programs available.

Disclaimer: In keeping with our ministry guidelines, Samaritan Ministries members have personal freedom and responsibility to choose their own treatments and providers. We do not endorse the above discount plans, but merely provide them as resources here.