Samaritan Ministries is a member of the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries, an organization formed to help Christians inform their representatives about the important work of health care sharing ministries.

The Alliance of Health Care Sharing ministries is concerned with protecting the religious liberty of Christians to practice their convictions in health care.

One of the key public policy isses facing health care sharing ministries is that of laws requiring citizens or employers to purchase health insurance.

We are thankful that the 2010 federal health care law protects religious freedom by allowing members of health care sharing ministries to meet the requirements of the mandate in the bill, and that both the individual and employer mandates are not scheduled for implementation until 2014.

We are still deeply concerned about the impact this law will have on the American people and their health care system if it is actually implemented.

For more information about how this may affect you and your family, visit our blog. You can also find more information in our Press Releases and at the Alliance of Health Care Sharing Ministries website.