Be in Prayer

Samaritan Ministries is a health care sharing ministry, not health insurance, so members’ needs are handled differently than insurance. Each month every Samaritan household is assigned to share in the medical need of another member.

Prayer for a Member

Member Jocelyn P. suffers from a fractured vertebrae. Please pray for complete healing.

Member Linda H. is scheduled for a biopsy because of a spot on her leg. Please pray for a good result and for complete healing.

Member Mario C. had kidney stone surgery and suffered from blood clots resulting from medications taken before surgery. Please pray for complete healing.

Member Christopher T. suffered a fractured skull after being thrown from a horse. Praise God that he is making great progress. Please pray for complete healing.

Member Brady R. (15), son of Charles and Melissa, broke his arm. Please pray for complete healing.

Prayer for Samaritan Ministries

Please pray for the Membership Development staff and the SMI leadership as they prayerfully consider adding another staff member to reach out to prospective members. We praise God for His abundance and provision.

Please pray for the Communications staff as they prepare for another legislative year. Pray for His wisdom and direction as they craft all the communications efforts needed for the ministry during this time.

Prayer for Health Care Sharing Ministries

The elections are over, but the new terms of office will not start until the New Year. Please be praying for God’s intervention both during the “lame duck” sessions and in the coming year. God is more powerful than
any and all governmental powers.