Be in Prayer

Public Policy: Please pray for the Public Policy department as they continue to advocate legislation to make health saving accounts (HSAs) available to be used alongside a health care sharing ministry membership. Specifically pray for the necessary co-sponsors, and that the language in the bill will be included in any comprehensive tax reform.

Persecuted Church: Nigerian Christians are staying away from church because of constant threats and intimidation from Islamist groups like Boko Haram, according to Voice of the Martyrs. Members of the group killed three members of one church recently and seven others over the past year. Muslims frequently throw rocks at churches during worship services in the city of Rigim and continually pressure Christian groups to leave the area. Other incidents of persecution include setting a pastor’s home on fire after locking his family inside; praise God they escaped. Pray for the safety of Nigerian Christians and the ability for them to meet together in safe conditions. Pray also for their spiritual well-being during this difficult time.