Save to Share™

As the cost of health care has risen, there have been a gradually increasing number of publishable needs that have exceeded the $250,000 maximum publishable amount in the basic ministry.

Save to Share™ is a ministry for those who wish to share in the medical needs of other members that exceed the $250,000 publishable amount of the basic newsletter ministry. Save to Share™ members are asked to set aside the designated amount for their household size (see chart below). They do not send the amount set aside to Samaritan Ministries.

When a Save to Share™ participant has a need that exceeds the $250,000 maximum publishable amount of a regular need, the other Save to Share™ participants will be asked to share from their set aside funds for the amount over $250,000.

Membership Type Yearly Set-Aside
One person $133
Two person family $266
Three or more person family $399
Widowed or divorced with children $266

Any proposed increase in these amounts is presented to the members for a vote. The annual administrative fee for Save to Share™ is $15 for any size membership.


  • No Save to Share™ need will receive more than half of the combined set aside amount held by the Save to Share™ members.