Finding Direct Primary Care Near You

  • Use search engines with keywords and your city name, i.e. “direct primary care Peoria”
  • Try many different combinations: “cash pay doctor,” “cash friendly doctor,” “concierge doctor” etc.
  • Register at and click on “Clinics” to look for one in your area
  • Use the map at and zoom into your area.
  • Check this list at
  • Browse the DPC directory at

Direct Primary Care doctors who are members of Samaritan

Evelyn Anderson
Monroe, North Carolina

Matt Bain
Albany, Oregon

Deborah Chisholm
Leroy, Illinois

Jeff Davenport
Edmond, Oklahoma

Matthew Haden
Modern Mobile Medicine
Alexandria, Virginia

Theron Hutton
Mulberry Clinics
Spring Hill, Tennesee

Bruce Jung
Corbin, Kentucky

Michael Kloess
Madison, Wisconsin

Karl Lambert
E. Wenatchee, Washington

Steven Manning
Williamston, North Carolina

Dana Mays
Pineville, Louisiana

Matthew McCarthy
Pineville, Louisiana

J. Ashley Parker
Wilson, North Carolina

Eric Potter
Brentwood, Tennessee

Patrick Rohal
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Chad Savage
Brighton, Michigan

Daniel Sneed
Fort Worth, Texas

Jeremiah Stanley NP
Paradise and Chico, California

Nicholas Tomsen
Wichita, Kansas

Thu Trinh
Raleigh, North Carolina

Jeff Woo
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Kent Zieser
McKinney, Texas

More member doctors

Luke Hachfeld
Mason City, Iowa