Extra Giving

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Samaritan Ministries is a tax-exempt charity under the internal revenue code (501c3). We recognize that only God can provide for all our needs, and He has many ways He can provide. Shares from members, discounts from health care providers, or extra gifts from friends, family, churches, and community are all ultimately from His hand.


Generous giving by members have made the ministry possible over the years. We are committed to remaining debt free as a ministry.

  • Shares are given directly from one member household to another in keeping with our philosophy of health care.
  • However, in some cases, giving to Samaritan Ministries will allow the gifts to be directed more effectively to remaining needs (especially in the case of negotiations on bills, which can take place over many months due to problems in our health care system)
  • Receipts for tax deduction purposes are issued for gifts to Special Prayer Needs, Pro rata Fund, or the Sponsorship program. (The option of giving directly to members for Special Prayer Needs, Prorated Needs, and Sponsorship is still available for those who wish to do so.)
  • Gifts to the Freedom to Share effort help the ministry express religious liberty concerns to our elected officials and the media.
  • God has provided for three different administrative buildings debt free for Samaritan through gifts to the More Room to Share program.