I am shown, once again, that God takes care of the Sparrow—and so, also, He cares for me. I have battled fear of being alone, and the fear that I am unable to care for large needs—such as health care and finance. The Lord has shown me care and provision thru all of the shares your all have sent our way, which has completely taken care of me. My fear has been replaced with gratitude.

I am thankful for His provision to us and feel warmly secured by His care.

Pamela, Clayton, NM

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We have seen God work again! We have been Samaritan Ministries’ members since 2002, and we’ve had a few needs. First of all, God is good to keep us so healthy. To Him be the glory! Secondly, His children are awesome, and we love seeing Him work through the giving of other believers to meet our medical bills in full. What a great testimony of the Body of Christ working together in love to build one another up!

Thank you all for being Jesus’ hands to us during our times of need. Thanks, also, for the opportunity to bless others during their time of need.

That’s the way the Body should work!

Teresa, Gilbert, AZ

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As I sit here in awe of the lovely cards, notes, and checks in front of me, I thank God for Samaritan Ministries and their members. We have had a lot of surprises recently: a hospital birth instead of a home birth, a beautiful son with Down syndrome, and a three-night stay in the hospital because of RSV.

The Lord has blessed us mightily through all of this. He wasn’t surprised—a source of great comfort to us—in each instance. And among His greatest blessings in all of this is you all—the Samaritan members. We knew we would be able to pay all of these unexpected medical expenses because of our brothers and sisters who would share our burdens.

Wow! This was our first large need, and the beautiful ministry of Samaritan Ministries, as evidenced by the notes and checks in front of me, brings me to tears of joy and gratitude. What a privilege to be a part of the Body of Christ through Samaritan Ministries!

Megan, Clayton, NC

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We wish to praise and thank God for His provision through so many Samaritan members during our recent illnesses. To receive such encouraging notes from believers from all over the country was a real blessing, too. It has been good for us to remember that we are not alone in our earthly journey, but knit together as one Body with Christ as our Head.

May we encourage each other all the more as we see the Day of His return approaching. All praise, glory, and honor to our King!

Paul and Kell, Fountain City, WI

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Links to October 2016 newsletter articles

October 2016 links

  • Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, responds to a prominent evangelical professor who is calling for a revisionist understanding of Christian sexual morality. Both Mohler and this professor agree that the “volcano” of the sexual revolution is about to erupt, but they differ on how Christians should prepare and respond.
  • Rob Slane reflects on how God makes separations and how Biblical Wisdom enables us to do the same.
  • This month’s Member Spotlight features Joyce Kaping and Colleen Anderson, who started Farm Girl Fresh to mentor people about how to prepare healthful food. They also have published a unique educational resource/cookbook, Eating Pure in a Processed Foods World, which writer Marcia Krahn takes a look at. The two tell why they joined SMI, as well.
  • Member Twila Brase, president of the Citizens Council for Health Freedom, announces JoinTheWedge.com, a website bringing together patients and doctors who want to remain free from third-party interference.
  • In this month’s Doorpost, Ray King reminds us that when we minister to those around us, we are ministering to Jesus.
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