theygrowupfastSamaritan Ministries, which has a heart for Christian families, has teamed with the father of one of those families—who also happens to make movies—to remind you that They Grow Up Fast and not to waste the time you have with them.

Director Darren Doane’s latest movie, They Grow Up Fast, will premiere on Samaritan Ministries’ website at and be available for a limited time starting September 7 for free online viewing.

SMI is the film’s chief sponsor.

The film is a video compendium of Doane’s four children—Alexandra (“Xan”), 10; Emmy, 9; Zoe, 6; and Knox, 5—being born and growing up over the past 10 years. He shot the footage originally as a way to informally chronicle the growth of his family. When friend and author N.D. Wilson saw an edited version, he wrote narration for it, and Doane realized he had something special. The result is a “home movie” that encourages parents to value the time they have with their children.

Ted Pittenger, Founder and International President of Samaritan Ministries, has experienced the truths that They Grow Up Fast communicates.

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Links to our August 2016 newsletter articles

August 2016 links


  • This month’s cover article reports that federal laws designed to protect the rights of conscience of health care workers are being ignored or overturned. Despite clear precedent, the state of California is requiring insurance plans to cover abortion. In several states, pro-life nurses are being coerced into assisting with abortions. To respond to these developments, pro-life leaders are asking for support for The Conscience Protection Act. Visit to contact your elected representatives.
  • Rob Slane examines the “unite against hate” trends that have been flooding our Facebook and Twitter feeds. What is a Biblical perspective? Rob reminds us that God is the ultimate hater, because He is love.
  • The August Member Spotlight features Benjamin Pinkevich, who was converted to Christ as a teenager in the Soviet Union. Through El Shalom Ministries his family now brings the Gospel to Russian-Jewish people in Israel and the U.S. The Pinkeviches also tell us why they joined Samaritan.
  • A few months ago, we profiled Darren Doane in a Member Spotlight. In September, his new movie, They Grow Up Fast, will be available to view online for free for Samaritan members and their friends. This month, we take a look at the film.
  • Members Joel and Anna Troyer tell the story of how their son Landry stopped developing properly at 15 months, exhibiting what everyone thought were signs of autism. It turned out he had Neuro-Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, a condition that remains largely unknown in the medical community. Landry made a dramatic recovery receiving nutritional and anti-viral therapies under the direction of a doctor specializing in this condition.
  • Learn about three SMI members who are doctors who have built practices using the Direct Primary Care model, which is designed to put the patient at the center, not intrusive third parties. Drs. Deborah Chisholm, Michael Kloess and Jeffrey Davenport offer direct access to your doctor by phone and email, same or next-day scheduling, and extended appointments.
  • We review Under Our Skin and Under Our Skin 2: Emergence, documentaries examining chronic Lyme disease, a controversial issue in the medical community for more than 20 years.
  • In The Doorpost, Ray King asks if we’re thirsty for God in a reflection on Psalm 42:1-2.
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#Hate hashtags about hate?

#Hate hashtags about hate- (1)

By Rob Slane

Where do you stand on hate? Are you for it or against it? Surely you can #uniteagainsthate, or one of the many similar hashtags trending on Twitter? I mean what could possibly be wrong with uniting against hate? We should all hate hate, shouldn’t we?

The first response to those peddling this nonsense is to recognize that we are all haters. As creatures made in the image of God, we are designed to hate. We are designed to hate because we are designed to love. God is the ultimate hater, and the reason for this is because He is Love. Of necessity, He must hate that which is opposed to what He defines as good and right. For instance, the Bible tells us that He hates divorce (Malachi 2:16); that He hates lying lips (Proverbs 12:22); that He hates robbery and wrong (Isaiah 61:8).

Just as the concept of hot and cold would be meaningless if temperature was uniform, so too the concept of love requires that there is its opposite. Therefore, the question is not whether we will hate, but what we will hate. As fallen creatures, our love and our hate are often skewed in opposite directions from where they should be, so that we end up calling evil good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20).

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Benjamin Pinkevich family

By Michael Miller

By helping Russian-Jewish immigrants to Israel, Benjamin Pinkevich is obeying his late grandfather’s charge to bless the Jewish people.

El Shalom (Hebrew for “Peace of God”) Ministries serves not only Russian-speaking believers in Israel and the U.S., but the nation of Israel in general.

“The main purpose of El Shalom Ministries is to serve the people of Israel and proclaim the peace of God,” Benjamin says.

The ministry was conceived 17 years ago after Benjamin visited Israel as a tourist.

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Why SMI-

By Michael Miller

Benjamin and Irina Pinkevich and their family joined Samaritan Ministries because “we did not want to be part of a corrupt system.”

“We do not want our finances to pay for abortions, gender ‘reassignment’ surgeries, and things that go against our faith,” Benjamin says. “We are happy that we can take part in the needs of our fellow Christians.”

He says the Pinkeviches, who serve Russian-speaking people through El Shalom Ministries, have had a “very beneficial and positive” experience with Samaritan.

“It is a blessing to give to families that truly need it, and to know how to pray,” Benjamin says.

The Pinkeviches have also been helped with medical costs through Samaritan.

“Because of the support from Samaritan members, my wife had the opportunity to receive the necessary medical help,” Benjamin says. “We also cherished the encouraging letters that we got from our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Such support and love is a vivid example of true Christianity.”

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