Bill Sardi, consumer advocate and health care research analyst, explains why an editorial in the Annals of Internal Medicine that says vitamins are ineffective is based on fundamentally flawed studies.

  • None of the studies obtain blood levels of nutrients before and at the completion of the study.
  • They only deal with mortality (death) rates, not morbidity (presence or rate of disease).
  • The dosages of vitamins studied are often very low.
  • They don’t account for drugs that induce nutrient deficiencies.
  • The researchers’ affiliations with commercial interests were not disclosed.
  • The sweeping condemnation of vitamins is not justified, considering two thirds of Americans never take vitamins and the remaining third don’t take them very often.

The editorial concluded vitamins are a waste of money and the “case was closed.” Hardly, says Bill Sardi.

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Member letter: Members were answer to prayer

Paul and Amber 7-27-15

We joined Samaritan Ministries knowing that we had my surgery scheduled, and that it would not be publishable because my condition existed before we became members. When all of the bills finally came in, the cost was much more than the hospital had quoted us (like $7,000 more!). In God’s goodness we had 61 percent of our total bill knocked off after we applied with the financial assistance program thru the hospital.

Then came the beautiful answer to prayer that the SMI members were to us after submitting the remaining costs as a Special Prayer Need—seeing the Body of Christ from across the country give out of the kindness of their hearts to us, strangers to them. And the notes of Scripture, prayer, and encouragement—what a blessing! We are so happy to be a part of SMI.

Paul and Amber

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Help the family: privatize and depoliticize

As the welfare state has expanded, the family has declined and serious social problems have proliferated. The consequences can clearly be seen in the demographics of young people reared in fatherless homes: 85 percent of imprisoned youth, 72 percent of high school dropouts, 80 percent of rapists and 63 percent of teenagers who commit suicide. So, what should be done now?

David Theroux, founder of the Independent Institute and the president of the C.S. Lewis Society of California, says we must privatize and depoliticize.

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We have been blessed and are thankful for the Special Prayer Need gifts we received. As we sent out thank you notes, it gave us another opportunity to re-read the notes and blessings that people sent.

It also reminded me of the SMI family who are willing to sacrifice to help others. It is a wonderful family.

Gary and Shirley

Baldwin, WI

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Weekend Retweet, 7/19/15


Weekend Retweet 7-19 img


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