Samaritan Ministries is the best thing that has happened to me in a very long time.

Even though I had health insurance through Obamacare, I was unable to receive health care! Between the monthly premiums and the deductible, I was out-of-pocket $10,000 per year before they would pay a dime.

If I was ill or needed help, I still could not get care from a doctor because I could not afford $450 a month plus a $7,000 deductible. Now I have health care!!!

What is even better is that I LOVE writing a check each month to a brother or sister in need. That is much better and more fulfilling personally. It feels like a large Christian family watching out for each other, not a large corporation sucking out all my money with nothing in return.

Praise God for the Samaritan Family!!!

Christi, Arlington, TX

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links sept 2016 (1)

  • This month’s lead article answers the question, “What can I do about the coming election?” Many Christian voters say they are not happy with our options for the November election and are uncertain what to do. It is important that we do not let dissatisfaction with candidates in one race cause us to ignore other contests. Read this article to learn about Scriptural principles to keep in mind and Christian resources available to help us make the best choices we can.
  • Rob Slane reflects on the importance of creating calm and stability in our frantic, unstable modern world.
  • This month’s Member Spotlight features Hal and Melanie Young. The theme of their ministry is “making Biblical family life practical.” Their award-winning books include Raising Real Men, My Beloved and My Friend: How to be Married to Your Best Friend without Changing Spouses, and Love, Honor, and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude toward Sexuality. They also explain why they joined Samaritan.
  • Member Dr. Eric Potter asks if we are drinking Living Water or medical snake oil in the U.S. health care system. He challenges us to wrestle with worldview issues in health care, and shares how he came to establish a Direct Primary Care practice (sanctuaryfunctionalmedicine.com) and join Samaritan Ministries.
  • We review The Magnesium Miracle by Dr. Carolyn Dean. She cites hundreds of references showing that magnesium deficiency is linked to many common health problems, including heart disease, diabetes, migraines, and kidney stones.
  • In the Doorpost, Ray King looks at some advice from Proverbs on whom we listen to.
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What can I do about the upcoming election?

Voting booths at Hermosa Beach City Hall during California Primary

Many Christian voters say they are not happy with our options for the November elections and are uncertain what to do. It is important that we do not let our dissatisfaction with one race cause us to ignore other races. What can one person do? One person can do a lot if they are in a position of authority.

There are thousands of important races going on, from the White House, to the U.S. Senate, to Congressional districts, to our state governments, to our counties, cities, and villages, and all the other local governments. There are elections for judges and law enforcement officers.

The U.S. Congress will have great influence for good or bad, no matter who is President. State governments can provide resistance to federal overreach and abuse. There are millions of elected officials who can use their offices to reward those who do good and to punish those who do evil, or they can do just the opposite (1 Peter 2:14). Every elected official can exert influence. Read the rest of this article…

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Architectural Columns in a Classic Federal Buuilding in Black and White

By Rob Slane

A year ago I entered my 40s, so you can correctly calculate that I was born in the 1970s. When I think back to the world of my childhood, and compare it to the world today, there are far too many differences to list them all. Yet if I had to pick one thing among all others that I think stands out as the defining difference, it would be the stability then compared to the instability now.

I realize that in the 1970s, huge societal changes were already in full swing. No fault divorce was becoming increasingly common. Legalized abortion had just reared its ugly head. Parental authority was starting to be challenged like never before.

Despite these things, the world back then still seemed to have at least some kind of moorings. Most people still wanted to get married, and when they did so, they remained married. Most people still wanted children, and when they had them, they knew their responsibilities towards them. Most people accepted parental authority over children. And even though real belief in the Triune God was on the wane, most people still had some sort of nominal belief and saw the relevance of the moral law.

Read the rest of this article…

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By Marcia Krahn

“What are You doing here, God?” asked a stunned Hal and Melanie Young when the advance copies of their newly written book, Raising Real Men, sold out in 15 minutes. That was in July 2009. In December they had their answer.

That month, Hal was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Hal’s work as an independent engineering contractor ended when his clients “dropped him like a rock.” By then, however, the Lord had provided nationally recognized endorsements, with writing and speaking engagements full time throughout the country.

“It amazed us,” Melanie says. “This was very much the Lord’s hand in our lives.”

Hal and Melanie first recognized the Lord’s leading to speak on parenting sons when local homeschool groups kept requesting them to talk. Since Hal and Melanie were blessed with six boys in a row, followed by two daughters, they had already wrestled through many matters in parenting by Biblical principles. They soon realized that parents often do not see God at work in their sons, because they do not “understand boys Biblically.” The Youngs then wrote Raising Real Men, in their own open and witty way, to more tangibly share the wisdom they had garnered in how to raise men of God.

Read the rest of this article…

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