Member letter: God met our need

email_envelopeThank you! Yet again, God met our need through Samaritan Ministries. All went well in this process, and we are so thankful to be a part of this ministry. We saved the lovely notes that we received so our baby, Joshua Hezekiah, can read them later in life and see the love of God acted out through His people!

Thank you again,

Isaac, Emily, Elizabeth (3), Daniel (2), & Joshua (9 mo.)

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My Samaritan Story: Lana

The featured My Samaritan Story this week is from Lana.

Lana has learned to be a better consumer of health care through her experiences with Samaritan Ministries; she learned to look for the best deal, and to take control of her own medical care. She has also experienced God’s care and blessing through His Church and is blessed to be able to share with others in their needs.

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Member letter: Prayers bring her to tears

It is never easy to go through the process of pain, medical testing, and then to face a diagnosis that will be chronic. However, it was so emotional for me as I went to the mailbox every day for a couple of weeks. There, I would find a note of encouragement from my Samaritan family. Yes, I was very grateful for the financial support—but knowing there were prayers going up on my behalf was tearjerking!

God has blessed me beyond measure, and I have completely healed from the painful bladder condition. Praise Him for His goodness. Praise Him for this wonderful Christian family. Praise Him for He is worthy to be praised.

Thank you to all of the members of Samaritan Ministries and to the staff for making this process work.

Blessings, peace, and love,

Chad and Janice 

Beloit, WI

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Do you have a Samaritan story to tell? A lot of our members do, and now they’re telling them on our new website My Samaritan Story.

Samaritan videographer Lee Rowell and marketing manager James McDonald have interviewed more than a dozen members in their homes and captured those interviews on video. You can hear emotional stories like Katelyn’s.


Katelyn has been a member since living at home with her parents. Her husband, Jordan, was diagnosed with cancer at a young age and went to be with the Lord a year later. Through their struggle they were blessed to have the support of the Body of Christ which gave them the freedom to honor the Lord in their pursuit of treatment.

If you’re a Samaritan member and would like to share your story, you can contact our marketing team for consideration.

If you’re already a Samaritan member, you can share these videos with your friends and family as a way of teaching them about health care sharing. If you’re not a member, watch these videos to get a better idea of how membership can be a blessing to you and your family.




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One of the main missions of Samaritan Ministries International’s health care sharing is to “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2).

Brenda Leonard of Virginia had a burden when she joined Samaritan in 2013. Emergency gall bladder surgery in 2012 had left her and her husband, Jonah, with thousands of dollars owed to medical providers because they had no health insurance. The Leonards had been making payments to hospitals for the surgery and for a subsequent hospital stay due to a resulting infection. One of the major bills was paid off, but some others remained outstanding.

After reading some letters from members who had been blessed by Special Prayer Need gifts, Brenda called Samaritan in spring 2014 to see if she might be able to submit her leftover bills as an SPN. Due to the long winter, Jonah, a landscaper, was out of work and the Leonards were having trouble footing the remaining medical bills. The need was shared as an SPN in early summer, and the result “amazed” Brenda.

“The response came from all 50 states,” Brenda said. “When the letters started pouring in, even my husband couldn’t believe it.”

The Leonards received $2,100. Most of the gifts were $20, with a couple $50 gifts also arriving. Thanks to the gifts the Leonards paid off an emergency room visit and only owed $268 more on one of the hospital bills.

“It has lifted a tremendous burden from me, and I can’t thank you enough,” Brenda wrote in a card to Samaritan. “I really had a longing to have those bills paid off by the end of this year and because of your kindness and all other members, it will be possible.”

Brenda said she had donated to Special Prayer Needs occasionally before, but now she does so no matter what.

“After what happened to me, I make sure it goes out now,” she said.

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