Member letter: God’s provision

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It is so nice to be taken care of in this way! We can see God’s provision so clearly through His people, and we are so grateful! We get as much—if not more—enjoyment from the notes we receive as from the money for our need. It is also such a blessing to know that members of God’s family, who we don’t even know, pray for our well-being and blessing. Thank you for letting us be a part of this ministry!

Andrew & Sarah

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Davenport heroDr. Jeffrey Davenport has experienced the freedom and efficiency of his own direct primary care medical practice, One Focus Medical, since April 2014. He has 500 patients in his Edmond, Oklahoma, practice, tended to by himself and his nurse, Quesha. Dr. Davenport, his wife, Christine, and their two daughters have been Samaritan members since May 2015. We asked the doctor about the advantages of a DPC.

How is One Focus Medical different than a typical physician’s practice?

The average primary care doctor has 3,000 patients, sees 25 patients per day, about 15 minutes per patient, and spends 30-35% of their time on insurance-based paperwork.

At One Focus Medical, we will have about 600-700 patients, see an average of 6 or 7 per day. Our short visits are 30 minutes, and I only have to deal with insurance paperwork a few minutes per day. Also because it’s a membership-style practice, I take care of my patients after hours and weekends for emergencies rather than sending them to urgent care or afterhours clinics.

Why did you call it One Focus Medical? Why does your web site say it’s the “New Standard in Family Care”?

The “One Focus” that has been lost over the years is the patient-doctor relationship. Most PCPs (primary care physicians) have to hear a history, do an exam, make a diagnosis and treatment plan, review any testing needed, document either by hand or computer all of the minutia required for payment of the visit in 15 minutes. That leads to running patients rapidly through the office like an assembly line. They must see 12-14 patients per day just to cover their overhead. So how can a doc get to know or develop a rapport in that scenario?

One Focus Medical eliminates all of that. Our slogan is actually somewhat amusing since the “New Standard” is actually a throwback to the way things used to be. Extended 30- to 60-minute visits (or longer), home visits (if necessary), access by phone and text (including afterhours and weekends). Time to get to know your family doctor. Kinda sounds like the good ol’ days.

How do cash-pay patients, such as Samaritan members, benefit? Read the rest of this article…

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Member letter: ‘Blessed to find Samaritan’

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With the recent changes in our health care system, our family was suddenly priced out of anything affordable to protect us from the unexpected. Unaware such an organization existed, we were mightily blessed by our Father to find Samaritan Ministries as a Biblical alternative for medical care. When we had to rely on our membership family for that help, the financial resources were supplied and, more importantly, people from around the country were praying for a speedy and full recovery for Doug. We thank our Lord for pointing us to Samaritan Ministries, for the work of the staff, and for the faithfulness of the members. May our Lord God bless you all abundantly!

Doug & Janine

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I was stunned by the blessings bestowed on me in my time of need by fellow Christians I had never met. What a demonstration of God’s grace in this time of trial!

Marie, Missouri

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Member Spotlight: filmmaker Darren Doane

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By Michael Miller

For most people, making a movie sounds like great fun. For director Darren Doane, it’s grueling.

Not the preparation or the finalization of a film. Just the making of it.

“Films will beat you up,” the Samaritan Ministries member says.

Yet he keeps going back for more and does it to bring the life-changing Christian message to new audiences.

Darren is the director of several feature-length films, including collaborations with actor Kirk Cameron (Unstoppable, Mercy Rule, and Saving Christmas), and has produced and directed documentaries, including Collision, about a series of debates between atheist Christopher Hitchens and pastor Douglas Wilson, and The Free Speech Apocalypse, about Wilson’s controversial 2012 visit to Indiana University to speak about traditional marriage and family. He does it all through his production company, XPX2.

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